Monsters Under the Bed

TO-263 land with mistakes Monsters, metaphorically speaking, that is. Take a look at this little land pattern for a TO-263 part. Can you tell me the two main things wrong with this land pattern?

I’ll give you a hint. One of the problems is an absolute no-no. The other one could be justified with a low-current application. But then, wouldn’t you use a smaller package?
Duane Benson
Green Grow the Traces Ho

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Duane is the Web Marketing Manager for Screaming Circuits, an EMS company based in Canby, Oregon. He blogs regularly on matters ranging from circuit board design and assembly to general industry observations.
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2 Responses to Monsters Under the Bed

  1. Tom Hausherr says:

    Where’s the Thermal Pad?

    Is white outline the silkscreen?

  2. Duane Benson says:

    The thermal pad is missing – not to mention the exposed metal vias under the heat slug area. Thw white outline is silkscreen.

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