Califorina RoHS, 2007 or 2009?

Recently there has been some talk that the CA legislation may not take effect until 2009.

The Californian Bill SB50 is due to take effect on 1 January 2007 emulating the RoHS ban on Cd, Hg, Pb, hex Cr (not flame retardants) for ‘covered’ electronic products i.e. …cathode ray tube, cathode ray tube device, flat panel screen, or any other similar video display device with a screen size that is greater than four inches in size measured diagonally and which the department determines, when discarded or disposed, would be a hazardous waste…

A good source of the background material for this legislation can be found here:

There is another Bill (AB2202) is proposed that will extend the scope of the regulation to mirror that of the EU RoHS i.e. extend coverage from items with screen size over 4inches to include all the same product categories as the EU version.

AB2202 is still being discussed. The original plan was for it to take effect from the same date as SB50 (Jan 2007) but recent amendments were proposed to delay the implementation date for the extension to all EU RoHS categories until 2009.

As of yet the web site does not mention anything about the law being delayed.

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4 Responses to Califorina RoHS, 2007 or 2009?

  1. John Burke says:

    I believe that date is 2010.

    The link for the amended bill is here:

    It gets voted on by the Senate on Thursday I believe.

    I am blogging this on my web site here:

    John Burke

  2. Aiko says:

    I heard AB2202 had been passed through Lower House in California.
    Does anybody have the information about it?
    Is it true?


  3. Mike says:

    If anything on the bill has changed, it has not yet been reflected on the state website:

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