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Updating the Design Standard

IPC-2221A, as most designers know, was released in 2003. Since that time, lead-free has gone from a niche technology to a mainstream one, and its added a generous dose of complexity to the design decision tree. In November, IPC-2221B was, … Continue reading

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The Cost of Misunderstanding Standards

An article in the latest issue of Assembly magazine asserts that use of standards, specifically IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001, raises the cost for US manufacturers and has led to the widespread offshoring of assembly. The premise of the article, authored by … Continue reading

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No More A-‘void’-ance

Did avoiding the voids just get less important? A new study by Rockwell Collins, RIM, Indium and Dage shows voids are not a “primary” issue to BGA solder joint integrity. New BGA voiding requirements to be proposed to J-STD-001 task … Continue reading

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