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Thoughts for the New Year

Folks, I thought I would post a few short thoughts as the new year begins. Here it goes: 1. A billion hours ago the Stone Age was the future, a billion minutes ago Caesar ruled Rome, a billion seconds ago Jimmy … Continue reading

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Pb-Free Reliability Under Harsh and Commerical Environments

Folks, In gathering information on the status of lead-free soldering, some helpful friends pointed out two great sources of information: NASA and the US Navy. NASA sponsored an impressive lead-free reliability investigation: “Lead-Free Solder Testing for High Reliability Project 1.” This project … Continue reading

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So Long, Old Friend

Just watching the final shuttle launch and pondering a few questions. A significant number of innovations came out of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs and filtered down to public life. Some were in materials, some were in electronics, some … Continue reading

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No End for Space

I, for one, am thrilled to see the US is not ignoring the challenges of moving beyond our humble domain on Earth. As NASA announced yesterday, the Obama administration has given the go ahead to push forward on deep space … Continue reading

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Tin Whiskers and Toyota: Collision Course?

New criticism of the reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and NASA Engineering and Safety Center that led the US Transportation Secretary to publicly absolve Toyota of unintended acceleration problems in its vehicles is breathing new life in … Continue reading

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Tin Din

Folks, Many people responded to my recent post on tin whiskers. A few pointed out that the recent NASA report on the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Issue discussed numerous tin whiskers that were found, one implicated in a failure. The tin whiskers were emanating from tin plating. … Continue reading

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