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Patty and the Professor: The Twiddler

Folks, It’s been a while. Let’s look in on Patty… Patty stared, bleary eyed, at her laptop screen. It was the day after the election. She and Rob were following the election closely as a “statistical thinking” exercise. They had … Continue reading

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Patty on Call

Let’s see how Patty is doing with the latest crisis … Upon hearing Claire Perkins inform her that Rob was in the hospital, Patty froze and her face looked ashen. She quickly recovered and got her cell phone out to call … Continue reading

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A New Assembly Metric

Patty arrived at work an hour early to prepare for her meeting with ACME CEO Mike Madigan. Nineteen days ago he had asked her to develop an electronics assembly metric that would correlate with profitability. This metric would, in turn, be … Continue reading

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