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Lead Free 2015

It is hard to believe that in July we will celebrate the 9th anniversary of the advent of RoHS. So the timing seemed right when I was recently asked to speak at the Boston SMTA Chapter on The Status of … Continue reading

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RoHS, Six Years After

Folks, I was at IPC Apex Expo the other week.  San Diego is a great venue for the show, but I always forget how cold it can be (55°-65°F) this time of year. While at the show, I was interviewed … Continue reading

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Weibull Analysis of Solder Joint Failure Data II

Folks, Last time we introduced Weibull analysis. Let’s derive the relationships needed to calculate the slope, beta, and characteristic life, eta.   F(t) is the cumulative fraction of fails, from 0 to 1. By choosing Ln(t) as x and LnLn … Continue reading

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Electronics Failure Analysis for Pb- and Pb-Free Solder Joints

Folks, The Weibull distribution is arguably the most important distribution in failure analysis of leaded and lead-free solder joints. It is the first thought of someone trying to model thermal cycle, drop shock, or other failure modes associated with through-hole … Continue reading

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Revelations at ACI

Folks, I’m taking a few moments from Wassail Weekend, held annually in my village, Woodstock, VT (“The prettiest small town in America”), to write a post about the recent workshops at ACI. Indium colleague Ed Briggs and I gave a … Continue reading

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Thanks, Hitachi!

This week I made it official. I retired my Hitachi VT 2000A VCR. It’s been a long time coming. I bought it in 1988, while in college. Since then, I’ve watched approximately 4 million* movies on it. And even after … Continue reading

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