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Red Makes Green

The arrival of India’s Mars Orbiter is an achievement on many levels. Much will be made of the fact that it is the first Asian satellite to reach the red planet’s orbit. That they accomplished it on their first try … Continue reading

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Is A New Vision Needed?

China’s industry minister has put forth an aggressive goal of building five to eight giants in the electronics industry with $16-plus billion in sales in the next two years through consolidation and overseas acquisitions and alliances. The Ministry of Information … Continue reading

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‘Made in USA’ … For Now

There’s a good, thorough explanation in the Jan. 4 editionĀ of the Washington Post on the rigors of competing as a US-based printed circuit board fabricator. Thanks to Rick Kincaid for opening his doors (K&F Electronics) to the reporter to explain … Continue reading

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Another Tidal Wave Hits Japan

Old friend Dominque Numakura comes back from the annual JPCA Show with a stunning announcement: Japan’s PCB industry seems to be on life support. From a series of dull presentations to the outsourcing of manufacturing to a general lack of … Continue reading

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Boston Bulls

To the list of those bullish on the prospects for US manufacturing, add the Boston Consulting Group. The consultancy group has issued a report that, in essence, gives China about five years before the gap between the two nations is … Continue reading

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Researchers’ Take on Trade Wars Hard to Swallow

A group of researchers are asserting that onshoring low-cost manufactured goods back from China would not solve the US’s current economic woes. The cost of an Apple iPad, they point out, includes about $10 for the workers who assemble it … Continue reading

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