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Is A New Vision Needed?

China’s industry minister has put forth an aggressive goal of building five to eight giants in the electronics industry with $16-plus billion in sales in the next two years through consolidation and overseas acquisitions and alliances. The Ministry of Information … Continue reading

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‘Made in USA’ … For Now

There’s a good, thorough explanation in the Jan. 4 editionĀ of the Washington Post on the rigors of competing as a US-based printed circuit board fabricator. Thanks to Rick Kincaid for opening his doors (K&F Electronics) to the reporter to explain … Continue reading

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Another Tidal Wave Hits Japan

Old friend Dominque Numakura comes back from the annual JPCA Show with a stunning announcement: Japan’s PCB industry seems to be on life support. From a series of dull presentations to the outsourcing of manufacturing to a general lack of … Continue reading

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Boston Bulls

To the list of those bullish on the prospects for US manufacturing, add the Boston Consulting Group. The consultancy group has issued a report that, in essence, gives China about five years before the gap between the two nations is … Continue reading

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Researchers’ Take on Trade Wars Hard to Swallow

A group of researchers are asserting that onshoring low-cost manufactured goods back from China would not solve the US’s current economic woes. The cost of an Apple iPad, they point out, includes about $10 for the workers who assemble it … Continue reading

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