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CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY covers the world of electronics manufacturing: the products and processes, the market and the companies. We publish print and digital versions of the magazine monthly. Plus we have a highly trafficked website (with translation capability into dozens of languages) and a regular e-newsletter. And our editors regularly blog, ensuring continual two-way communication with readers.

What We Cover

• SMT and plated through-hole processing.
• Screen printing.
• Dispensing.
• Placement.
• Soldering.
• Test and inspection.
• Rework and repair.
• Procurement.
• Components and packaging.
• New equipment and materials.
• Markets and business issues.
• Solar and emerging technologies as they relate to electronics assembly.

For more than 20 years, CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY has met two goals:
• Publish the best technical articles on electronics manufacturing.
• Publish them quickly.

Each issue – print and digital – contains:
• A full-length cover story.
• Ten to 20 one-to-two page articles discussing particular technologies, processes or products of interest.
• A page of abstracts from recent technical conferences, with links to the complete articles on the Web.

Features that appear in print also appear on circuitsassembly.com, and vice versa.

In touch with readers. Our editorial model rests on the basic concept that the volume of information available increases almost exponentially each year, and that our publication must act as the filter to sort what is truly important from what’s just noise. We do so through regular polling of subscribers to ascertain what topics are of most interest to them. And we take that data and build the editorial content around it.

We use a novel first-in, first-out process for news and contributed articles. When we approve a submitted draft for publication, it will be published in the next available issue and not, for example, “in November, maybe.”

Social media. The editors maintain a regular blog to help spark and maintain a consistent and two-way dialogue with readers, who flock to the site by the thousands every month! Authors include the CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY editors, plus a host of topnotch experts on soldering materials, soldering, Lean manufacturing, DfM issues, and more.

We also take advantage of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook (CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY) and Twitter (@mikebuetow). New in 2012 was PCB Chat, the industry's first moderated chat forum, and Board Talk, the industry bulletin board.

Outside contributions. CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY welcomes outside contributions. Those interested in writing a technical article should contact Mike Buetow at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . New product announcements and other news items of note should be sent to Chelsey Drysdale at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Complete author guidelines may be found at http://circuitsassembly.com/cms/magazine/205-editorialcontributions.



Eastern-US: China’s New Competitor?

Parity emerges among EMS Factories from Asia, Mexico and the US.

For the first time in years we see parity in the Eastern US among EMS factories from Asia, Mexico and the US. This EMS market condition will permit American OEMs (the EMS industry refers to OEMs as customers) to have more EMS pathways to choose from. Now more than ever, such EMS assignments will require deeper investigation relating to the OEMs’ evaluation of manufacturing strategies.

The Human Touch

For those who count on the electronics industry for big feats, it’s been a remarkable couple of years.



Advances in Concentration Monitoring and Closed-Loop Control

Contaminated bath water skews refractive index results. New technology can accurately measure aqueous cleaning agent concentration.

Circuits Disassembly: Materials Characterization and Failure Analysis

A systematic approach to nonconventional methods of encapsulant removal.





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Panasonic Debuts PanaCIM Maintenance with Augmented Reality
PanaCIM Maintenance with Augmented Reality software provides instant communication and information to factory technicians -- when and where it is needed -- so they can respond to factory needs more...