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CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY subscribers are the electronics assemblers that you want to reach with your market message. They are the corporate managers and executives; engineers and engineering managers. They are industry leaders. Movers and shakers. Decision-makers with the authority to recommend or buy your products and services. Within the US, our subscribers request CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY in print, digital – or both – and it is our philosophy to deliver this information in the format that they prefer. We serve our qualified non-US subscribers with digital to ensure timely receipt and avoid delivery issues.

Here’s a look at what CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY advertisers enjoy:

  • The largest readership. We have 32,000 subscribers worldwide, more than twice other publications. Coupled with our design and fabrication publication, PCD&F, our various products and services reach up to 62,000 unique designers, fabricators and assemblers.
  • The most qualified readership. Our readers include corporate managers and executives, process engineers, electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). All our subscribers buy or influence the purchase of assembly or test equipment, components, materials, software or services.
  • The cleanest mailing list. We update our mailing list every month to ensure it is accurate. Your message won’t be sent to an empty cubicle or inbox.

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY Reaches Key Decision-Makers in Electronics Assembly

  • Process/production/manufacturing/engineering: 50%
  • Corporate/engineering management: 25%
  • Engineering support/R&D/Quality control, assurance, engineering, production, testing: 14%
  • PWB process/design and other design engineers: 11%

Worldwide Subscriber Base

Total Circulation: 32,000

  • OEM: 15,018 (47%)
  • EMS/contract manufacturer: 16,982 (53%)
  • US: 17,000
  • Asia: 7,351
  • Europe: 4,163
  • Canada and Mexico: 2,499
  • Other International: 987

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY Readers Buy/Specify/Influence the Purchase of:

  • Assembly equipment/components/materials/software/services: 27,183
  • Assembly inspection/test equipment: 22,349
  • PWB (bare board) inspection/test equipment: 21,317
  • Antistatic/clean room equipment/materials: 18,302

Coupled with our design and fabrication publication, PCD&F, our various products and services reach up to 62,000 unique designers, fabricators and assemblers. Click here for a look at PCD&F’s audience.



Eastern-US: China’s New Competitor?

Parity emerges among EMS Factories from Asia, Mexico and the US.

For the first time in years we see parity in the Eastern US among EMS factories from Asia, Mexico and the US. This EMS market condition will permit American OEMs (the EMS industry refers to OEMs as customers) to have more EMS pathways to choose from. Now more than ever, such EMS assignments will require deeper investigation relating to the OEMs’ evaluation of manufacturing strategies.

The Human Touch

For those who count on the electronics industry for big feats, it’s been a remarkable couple of years.



Advances in Concentration Monitoring and Closed-Loop Control

Contaminated bath water skews refractive index results. New technology can accurately measure aqueous cleaning agent concentration.

Circuits Disassembly: Materials Characterization and Failure Analysis

A systematic approach to nonconventional methods of encapsulant removal.





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