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Written by Mike Buetow   
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 07:08

ALPHARETTA, GA -- Some 16 major assembly equipment companies met two weeks ago as part of an informal consortium to collaborate on a common approach to whole-line electronics equipment assembly.

The two-day industry seminar, chaired by Assembléon on Sept. 4-5, brought together suppliers of screen printers, reflow ovens, inspection systems, conveyors and software. Among the suppliers attending were Aegis, Assembléon, BTU, DEK, Heller, Koh Young, Mentor, Mirtec, Nutek, Rehm, Rommel, Seho, Speedline, VI Technology, Vitronics Soltec and Yestech.

“Over the last couple of years, economic turmoil has caused manufacturers to loose key personnel and process expertise, and they are now turning to suppliers for technology support,” said Mark Maas, senior product marketing manager at Assembléon. “That places much more responsibility on suppliers to solve their customers’ problems. They are increasingly being asked to do complete-line audits, and need to offer whole-line solutions.”

New machines are making equipment assembly much more flexible but also placing extra demands on upstream and downstream equipment. Taking full advantage of the such developments as dual-lane placement machines requires extra speed and flexibility from the upstream screen printers. Ovens need to cope with different temperature profiles for the different lanes. The whole line needs to supply materials, components, boards and schedules on demand at high speeds in the face of the virtually continual product changeovers in today’s high-mix environments.

Meanwhile, the latest quality initiatives can reduce faults to below 10 defects per million components for a complete line, levels that require cooperation between equipment suppliers to solve quality issues immediately, particularly since the industry average is well above 70 dpm.

The consortium is sharing knowledge of processes, products, applications, trends and solutions. It will also address present problems with overall equipment effectiveness. “OEE is difficult to measure: there is much variation in how it is measured by equipment assemblers, and it means different things to different manufacturers,” said Maas.

The seminar included talks and presentations by industry experts on topics including dual-lane production, software, standardization, knowledge transfer, roadmaps, and trends. The companies plan to produce white papers, set up task groups, share roadmaps and present common recommendations to standards committees. In particular, improvements are needed on communications protocols, and IPC-A-610 workmanship and IPC-9851 mechanical and electrical interface standards.


乔治亚州Alpharetta - 大约有16个主要组装设备的公司符合两个星期前的一个非正式联盟合作的一个常用的方法,全行电子设备组装。

为期两天的行业研讨会,主持昂9月4-5,丝网印刷机,回流焊炉,检测系统,输送机及软件供应商。在出席“宙斯盾”,安必昂,BTU,DEK,海,岛青年,导师,MIRTEC,Nutek公司,雷姆,隆美尔,SEHO,Speed​​line的VI技术,VITRONICS SOLTEC和YESTECH供应商。

“在过去的几年中,经济动荡导致失去关键人员和工艺技术的厂商,并说:”他们现在转向供应商技术支持,高级产品营销经理马克·马斯,在昂。 “这把更多的责任,对供应商的解决客户的问题。他们越来越多地被要求做完整的在线审计,并需要提供整线解决方案。“


同时,最新的质量措施,可以减少故障,低于10个缺陷的完整产品线,需要设备供应商之间的合作立即解决质量问题的水平,每百万部件,特别是自远高于行业平均水平70 DPM。

该财团分享知识,流程,产品,应用,发展趋势和解决方案。它也将解决目前存在的问题与整体设备效率。 “OEE是难以衡量的:它是如何测量设备装配有很大的变化,这意味着不同的事情,不同的制造商,”马斯说。




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