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Written by Mike Buetow   
Thursday, 24 April 2008 07:56
BRUSSELS – The European organization charged with collecting and collating comments to the latest RoHS exemption list has scheduled a series of meetings to discuss the preliminary input with stakeholders.
Öko-Institut e.V. has signaled its intention to discuss the use of lead in high-melting-temperature type solders (i.e. lead-based alloys containing 85 % by weight or more lead); in solders for servers, storage and storage array systems, network infrastructure and telecommunication equipment; and in electronic ceramic parts (e.g., piezoelectronic devices). Cadmium is also up for discussion, as are seven other exemptions.
Not expected to be discussed is an exemption for lead in solders consisting of more than two elements for the connection between the pins and the package of microprocessors with a lead content of more than 80 % and less than 85 % by weight; lead in solders for electrically connecting semiconductor die and carriers within flip chip packages; or lead in finishes of fine-pitch components other than connectors with a pitch of 0.65 mm or less with NiFe lead frames and lead in finishes of fine pitch components other than connectors with a pitch of 0.65 mm or less with copper lead frames. It is unclear whether by foregoing discussion on those proposals the Institute is suggesting a fait accompli.

"The aim is to discuss these nine exemptions within five days," Öko spokeswoman Stéphanie Zangl said.
The organization has put online all non-confidential documents obtained during the consultation:
The meetings will be held June 9-13, and is by invitation as the number of participants is limited, Zangl said.
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