Flexible silicone conformal coating is said to meet IEC 61086-2. Said be fast drying and has passed all coatings tests for assembled PCBs including thermal aging, flexibility, damp heat and salt mist. Visual inspection using ultraviolet light revealed no voids, holes or delamination on samples, and no loss of adhesion or discoloration of copper conductors. A tackiness test reportedly revealed that when a 500g load is applied for 1 min., it remains non-tacky. Has operating temperature ranging from -50Ëš to 125ËšC; is touch dry at 20ËšC in 10 to 15 min. Available in 400 ml aerosol and 5 liter bulk container. Contains no isocyan­ates. Meets V-1 level of the UL approval.
Electrolube, www.electrolube.com 
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