TransGuard Automotive VGAH series high-temperature, glass-encapsulated multilayer varistors (MLVs) are qualified to AEC-Q200, rated for operating temperatures up to 150°C, and designed for use in a variety of high-energy, harsh-environment automotive underhood, industrial, and oil and gas applications.

Provide bidirectional overvoltage protection and broadband EMI/RFI filtering in a single SMT device. Comprised of zinc oxide-based ceramic semiconductor devices with nonlinear, bidirectional voltage-current (V-I) characteristics similar to those of back-to-back zener diodes, but with greater current and energy handling capabilities and the addition of EMI/RFI attenuation. Exhibits high current- and energy-handling capabilities, very fast, sub-nanosecond (<1nS) response times to ESD strikes, multiple-strike capabilities, high energy absorption/load dump, low leakage, and solderability. Protect against harsh environments and processes, including acids, salt and chlorine flux, and no derating requirements for energy and current over the full range of operating temperatures extending from -55° to +150°C. Come in five chip sizes (1206, 1210, 1812, 2220, and 3220) with 16–31VDC working voltages, 40–57V clamping voltages, 0.6–13J energy ratings, 1.5–50J load dump energy, 200–1,800A peak current ratings, and 700–15,000pF capacitance.


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