The SM400 Series is designed on the SMART platform. Integrated software features a common operating interface, which is said to provide a stable base platform that is scalable and modular with a space-efficient design. Includes flying-vision centering with individual cameras for each spindle. Identifies component centers during travel from the feeder to the placement location. Head is designed for simultaneous component pickup from the SM feeders. The SM411 Dynamic Chip Shooter is said to place at a rate of 42,000 cph with placements accurate to ±50 µm at 3-sigma (Cpk ≤ 1.0). Dual gantry system includes a dual-lane PCB transport with three on-demand production configurations. The SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter is reportedly capable of handling up to 72 mm SMT connectors. Is said to reach placement speeds up to 21,000 cph with accuracy of ±30 µm at 3-Sigma (Cpk ≤ 1.0). Has optional external side tray handler and intelligent feeder system.

Dynatech Technology,    
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