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Henkel Loctite Ablestik ATB 125GR is a high-reliability nonconductive die attach film suitable for wirebond laminate and lead frame packages, compatible with small- to medium-sized die, and formulated to provide excellent workability and processability.

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Nordson's SELECT Synchro selective soldering system uses a unique, synchronous motion increase throughput, improve cost-of-ownership, and provide flexibility for high-volume printed circuit board assembly applications.

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Metcal's firmware update for its Connection Validation Series soldering systems brings several new and improved CV features, including cartridge optimization capabilities, enhanced traceability, improved solder joint reliability, and more.

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Zestron Vigon SC 200 stencil cleaner wipes manually remove solder pastes and adhesives from electronics assemblies.

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Aven's OptiVue 5-Diopter [2.25x] LED Magnification Desk Lamp is compact enough to fit on a desk while being powerful and efficient in handling assembly, workshop or inspection applications.

Features a flexible 11" gooseneck arm; 4", 5-diopter (2.25x magnification) round glass lens; 36 ultra-bright SMD LEDs; and a weighted base for added stability. Also includes a removable fixing ring for easy lens replacement.


Aven OptiVue

Solderstar SLX Thermal Datalogger now comes with a new extension to measure vacuum level in a reflow oven.

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