PCB2Day is a series of workshops on electronics design and manufacturing, brought to you by UP Media Group, producers of PCD&F/Circuits Assembly and PCB West.

Upcoming events:

Webinar: IoT PCB Design and Layout featuring Rick Hartley

June 25, 2020

Printed circuit boards for the Internet of Things are often driven by the need for low-power one-, two- or four-layer, low-cost boards. This combination can make PCB design a serious challenge. Low-layer count with excellent signal integrity, low noise and no EMI issues requires specific PCB design skills.

This special two-hour webinar will discuss the following:

  • When line impedance control is needed
  • Impedance control with a “zero” cost adder
  • Keeping circuit energy from spreading
  • Proper circuit grounding in low-layer-count boards
  • Power distribution without the benefit of power planes
  • Controlling ground bounce and crosstalk


Who should attend: PCB Designer/Design Engineer, System Designer, Hardware Engineer, SI Engineer

Target audience: Beginner, Intermediate

Sponsored by EMA Design Automation.

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