PowerSpector BTL AOI offers synchronized inspection of top and bottom sides of PCBs after placement of SMT and through-hole components and after reflow, wave or selective soldering.

Nine cameras per side, with both heads inspecting the PCB at the same time, speed inspection times but without the high power lighting system of each head affecting the other inspection taking place. Elimination of flipping removes potential for stress on the assembly. GTAz-based bottom-side inspection head has a clearance of 30mm from the PCB surface. An additional z axis permits the head to be adjusted by 30mm for flexibility for inspection inside solder frames and the correct adjustment of side cameras to further enhance defect identification capabilities. The 18.75um resolution of the main optics and the 13um resolution of the side cameras also give the option for 01005” (0402mm) SMD inspection including height verification of objects like pins and packages, as well as 3-D chip height measurement. GDAz-based top-side inspection head combines 60mm top clearance with full solder joint inspection via the 3-D meniscus profiler. An additional 30mm Z-Axis, with Autofocus option, allows the user to focus on the top of taller components.

Side cameras with 20um resolution inspect side markings on components as well as verify accurate insertion using height verification. Operator misjudgements of found defects are minimized by the true 3D Image defect display of 9-angle simultaneous microscopic views. Each defect is displayed with a magnification up to 50x (bottom up) or 30x (top down). This minimizes operator handling and reduces time spent on post-classification of defects using stationary microscopes. All images can be stored in SQL database for review or post-classification any time after actual inspection.

Comes in two models: PowerSpector 550BTL suitable for assemblies up to 5kg with a maximum dimension of up to 550 x 550mm (21.6”) and PowerSpector 350BTL designed for PCBs up to 350 x 250mm (13.8" x 9.8").


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