Quadra W8 wafer-level inspection system has integrated dual-port EFEM to protect wafers by removing manual wafer handling, so operators can inspect wafer-level quality directly from FOUP.

Aspire 6.7MP detector image enhancement reveals defects as small as 0.1µm. Checks shape, fill level and voiding in TSV (through silicon vias). Inspects build quality, wire bonds, component alignment, and solder and adhesive voiding during MEMS manufacture. Checks for bump presence, shape, position and voiding in wafer bumps. Finds defects such as cold joints, head-in-pillow, and misalignment in 2.5-D and 3-D wafer-level packages. Is SEMI S2, S8 compliant and offers SECS/GEM factory host integration for tracking and control. Gensys software combined with AIR routines for automated image acquisition and mouse point and click control enable viewing x-ray images.

Nordson Dage

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