UV165-183 is an adhesive and encapsulant for thick applications where UL V0 flame ratings are required.

Has UL flammability approval for UV 165-183. Is a dual purpose acrylated urethane for use as both an adhesive and encapsulant/potting compound. UL V-0 flame rating at up to 2mm application thickness (UL file E105698). Is thixotropic; flows when pumped or mixed but holds shape on application. UV curing mechanism for rapid processing, low cost, and repeatable performance. Wets and adheres to most substrates including metals, plastics, and glass. Hardness of 70 (Shore D), good for tamper or abrasion resistance. 100% solids; no VOC content eliminating any environmental/regulatory concerns. Fully compliant with current REACH and ROHS regulations. Can be used for high energy power backup bonding of heatsinks.

Resin Designs/Chase Corp.

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