3Xi-M110 3D-CT automated x-ray inspection machine is for inspection of PCB assemblies.

Reduces dose and exposure to x-rays during inspection and features new soldering quality inspection functions for PCB assembly applications. Ensures quality of hidden solder joints for bottom-electrode packages, such as BGAs, LGAs, and QFNs. Planar computed tomography provides volumetric measurements and shape reconstruction to find voids, head-in-pillow, and other defects. Platform is 1,380mm wide and weighs 3,100kg. Has cast iron frame. Imaging range handles board sizes up to 360mm x 330mm. For 360mm x 510mm boards, two-step image capture is available. Uses double motor-driven system equipped with high-precision linear scale. X-ray tube can reduce x-ray exposure up to 70% by powering on x-rays only at moment of image capture. Exposure dose simulator allows user to monitor radiation dose.

3d ctaxi pcba



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