SCP series PrizmaCap standard and custom supercapacitors are engineered for SWaP-optimized, battery-powered products.

Have operating temp. of -55°C to +90°C. Capacitance is 3.5–15F, and energy density is 1.14–2.43Wh/kg. Weight is <2g, and form factor is 0.8–2mm based on propylene carbonate electrolyte technology. Can be used alone or in conjunction with primary or secondary batteries to extend backup time, improve battery life, and provide power pulses in energy storage, energy and power holdup, pulse power handling, and battery assist applications within consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics. Well suited for use in wearable and handheld devices, industrial equipment, wireless keyboards, power peripherals, tablets, and e-readers. Are available in three standard form factors: 0.8mm, 1.3mm, or 2mm. Two fixed-position, surface-mount terminals are compatible with hand soldering or 70-9159 series Stript two-piece, single contacts. Three standard form factors are rated for up to 15F capacitance, 2.1V electrical potential from -55°C to +65°C, 8.63A peak current, and 2.43Wh/kg energy density; have operating temp. range of -55°C to +90°C, with derating to 1.1V. Also rated for max. DCL as low as 50μA after 72 hr. of operation; max. ESR as low as 30mΩ at 1kHz and 55mΩ at DC, and up to 2,582W/kg power density and 0.0092Wh max. energy.



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