EGER, HUNGARY – Eurocircuits has invested €5 million in equipment and software in 2019, its largest single-year sum to date.

The Mechelen, Belgium-based company expanded its production capabilities at its assembly plant in Hungary, which it greenfielded in 2004. Assembly was introduced to the site in 2016. This year, the firm added new SMT lines, including component storage and Mycronic placement machines. It now has three full SMT lines at the factory.

“We are creating solutions to meet market demands," said Dirk Stans, managing partner, Eurocircuits.

“The entire assembly process is not as well organized as PCB fabrication, where everything in production is controlled by CAM for each individual machine. The traditional assembly process is quite chaotic as every machine needs its own database of components, which creates bottlenecks for prototype assembly. We need to reduce setup times. Out-of-the-box thinking will deliver enormous added value.”

To that end, Eurocircuits has invested in developing internal software to improve its assembly workflow, including PCBA Visualizer, which reviews the OEM design and bill of materials (BoM) for part functionality, approves all the parts, loads to component parts list and centroid data, and virtually assembles the board to detect any potential errors.

Eurocircuits topped €22 million euros in 2016, the last year it announced earnings. Its assembly business has grown to a runrate of about 4,000 orders a year since that time.

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