Focus on proving out customer-specific dispense processes and product training

NORTH CANTON, OH – Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD), a world leader in fluid handling products and systems, announces its new Applications Laboratory and Learning Center, located in North Canton, Ohio. The 10,000 square foot laboratory focuses on precision metering, mix and dispense equipment, and automation capabilities. The new lab serves two primary functions – proving out customer-specific dispense processes and product training.

Staffed with engineers dedicated to providing a superior customer experience, the new lab allows Graco application experts to apply industry-leading fluid handling experience to help customers solve difficult challenges and determine the best equipment solutions for their unique application needs. Mistakes in fluid dispense applications can be extremely costly. Customers looking to avoid potential pitfalls and manufacturing problems achieve tremendous benefits by working directly with experts who have been there before and delivered solutions that others cannot.

Graco application experts conduct laboratory-testing programs to assist larger customers in proving out a process. During laboratory tests that may last from a day to a week, Graco builds and tests equipment customizations to address the customer’s specific material-handling requirements. Tests can vary depending on the amount of process development and equipment customization required. With several robots available, Graco engineers and their customers can hone in and replicate assembly in a full factory production environment to evaluate performance of key factors such as dispense time, mix/fluid quality, shot weight, and ratio repeatability.

The Applications Laboratory and Learning Center is also used for a wide range of product training classes for Graco distributors and end users. Graco has designed and delivered classes to help customers program, assemble/disassemble, and operate their dispense equipment solutions. The space is also used to host large distributor meetings to showcase new products and cutting edge technology.

The large and well-designed space serves as the central storage headquarters for Graco’s extensive equipment loaner program. Graco loans equipment to distributors that can be used to conduct tests at their facilities. Equipment is also available for in-house factory trials, during which tests determine how the dispense equipment communicates with robots and its effects on cycle time in the end user’s environment.

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