Tucson: Darrel Yarbrough, President and owner of Yarbrough Electronics Sales (YES)announced recently that his company had expanded again adding more production space to his facility.

The company added 5,000 sq. ft., bringing the plant total to 17,000, sq. ft.

This is the third time in two years that YES has expanded is facility as well as its capabilities.

When making the announcement, Mr. Yarbrough said, “we are very pleased with the growth we have experienced in the past year. We have had to add a new SMT line and now due to two new significant customers we have added more production space as well as inventory space. This is a tribute to all of our hard working team members, as well as our sales effort; and growing reputation for excellent production capabilities, technology, Quality record and customer service. We look forward with great optimism to another good year in 2020.”

About Yarbrough Electronics Sales (YES)

YARBROUGH ELECTRONICS SALES, a contract manufacturer for the medical, military, homeland security, and industrial communities. For over 30 years, we have established a reputation for high quality, flexibility, and responsibility to our customers. We are committed to solving the challenges facing the domestic electronics industry. Services:

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