Vinatronic has just upgraded its X-ray capabilities with a brand-new Glenbrook JewelBox 70T Real Time X-ray Inspection System. This machine contains an 80 kV, 10 micron focal spot x-ray tube for up to 500x geometric and 1,200x optical magnification. It has a 5 axis positioner with x-y-z movement, 360 degree rotation and 45 degree tilt. This unit will expand Vinatronic’s ability to ensure 100% defect free PCB assemblies. They will be using this new machine to inspect BGA, micro BGA, QFN, LED, bond wires, and other components.

The Glenbrook is one of the top machines available on the market today. Its software provides frame averaging, contrast adjustment, measurement, text, labeling, markers, 3D rendering, video recording and image download. Vinatronic QA inspectors examine multiple views of every PCBA to find any issues with hidden BGA and QFN solder joints. They ensure that every assembly is free of solder skips, bad solder joints, shorted pins, and lifted pins. With the increased popularity of these high-density components, x-ray inspection is a critical method of ensuring reliability in the design and assembly process.
Vinatronic once again raises the bar for speedy high quality manufacturing. Please reach out to the team if you are interested in seeing the Vinatronic QA process in action!

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