GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA ― February 2021 ― X-ray inspection specialist, SEC Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has expanded its capabilities from selling generators and applied its technology to develop automatic inspection for large structures. The new LINASEC Container Inspection Solution is being implemented at SEC’s cargo inspection facility in Gwanyang Port. The electronic linear accelerator tube design is being used in Korea for the first time.

MV-class radiation generators allow non-destructive inspection of automobiles, ships, aero-engines, missiles, rockets and tons of containers at once.

X-rays are used throughout the production site for quick and accurate quality inspection. For non-destructive testing, the radioactive materials and radiation generators are used to generate X-rays. For a long time throughout the industry, radiation generators have been applied to control radiation safely depending on the presence or absence of a power source.

In radiation-based non-destructive testing, the limit of the object that can be inspected is determined according to the energy. While the existing kV-class radiation generators inspected small parts of automobiles, components of mobile phones, semiconductors and boards, MV-class radiation generators can inspect cars, ships, aero-engines, missiles, rockets, and tens of tons of containers at once.

Accelerators are now in use in a wide range of fields, from the inspection of large structures such as national defense, engines, ships and power plant components, to security fields such as cargo inspection, and food and medical fields related to sterilization. SEC has a variety of solutions for optimum non-destructive testing customized for the customer's usage environment.

For more information about SEC Co., Ltd., please contact:

Headquarters (South Korea):,, Tel +82-31-215-7341

North America: +1-818-661-9675 / Europe: +49-351-8889-0273 / China: +86-21-5221-1955 /

Japan: +81-3-5816-3561 / Vietnam: +84-243-202-3000

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