Duluth/Atlanta, GA, USA, November 19, 2021 – Viscom Inc., a subsidiary of Viscom AG, Germany, has announced they will be exhibiting at the IPC APEX Expo at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California January 25–27, 2022. The main highlight at Viscom’s booth No. 533 will be their new iX7059 PCB Inspection XL system with ground-breaking award-winning 3D inline X-ray technology.

Featuring new dynamic X-ray image capture methods, versatile handling options, outstanding inspection precision, intuitive operation – Viscom’s new iX7059 generation of 3D AXI systems is meeting the growing variety of quality assurance needs of different products and components. At the heart of this inline X-ray system is the revolutionary, fully dynamic 3D image acquisition concept Evolution 5 with a new generation of flat panel detectors and the ability to inspect very long PCBs in lengths up to 1600 mm (63”). This makes it ideally suitable for LED-panel boards or 5G infrastructure electronics manufacturing as well as large and heavy server boards weighing up to 15 kg (33 lbs).

It’s innovation, speed and throughput improvements, cost benefits and multiple board-handling options have already made the iX7059 PCB Inspection XL a multi-award-winning system, taking top honors with this year’s Global SMT Global Technology Award and the Mexico Technology Award in the category of X-ray Inspection. This system is capable of taking up to 120 X-ray images in approx. 5 seconds for one field of view and from a variety of perspectives, resulting in shorter recording times, reduced cycle times and maximum throughput. The iX7059 series boasts a comprehensive tools package for statistical process control and is i4.0 compliant for smart-factory machine-to-machine communication for advanced process optimization. The small footprint of the system combined with its extensive board-handling options saves valuable space in any production facility.

Powerful tomographic inline X-ray (3D AXI) has become the standard for quality control for today’s electronic products. Viscom’s iX7059 PCB Inspection XL and iX7059 Heavy Duty Inspection are designed to handle emerging power electronics fields like electromobility and renewable energies. Objects with a weight of up to 40 kg (88.2 lbs) can be inspected. This is the versatility, capability and innovation that manufacturers need in pursuit of zero defects.


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