CARLSBAD, CA -- eSurface Technologies today announced its Japan-based subsidiary has been launched and named a veteran IBM executive to run it.

eSurface KK will be based in the city of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, and directed by general manager Patricia Bader-Johnston. Bader-Johnston was director of communications at IBM Japan and also vice president operations, finance and resources for Goldman Sachs in Japan.

eSurface KK will focus on licensing the company's patented technology for applied conductive materials to fabricators, supply-chain partners and research institutions.

The establishment of the KK will facilitate in-country licensing of intellectual property and allow eSurface to establish a technical presence in Japan, the company said.

“I have not seen this type of response to a new technology in my two decades in Japan,” said Bader-Johnston. “With eSurface technology it is not a matter of which industry will adopt the technology, it is a situation of who will get left behind when the implementation begins. This is a wonderful position to be in.”

“You can only have folks knocking on your door for so long before you have to answer. We have had a tremendous response to our technology from a number of Japan-based companies from multiple industries for long enough that we cannot delay this opportunity any longer,” said Dave Benson, eSurface chairman and CEO. “We pride ourselves on managing our opportunities and not getting ahead of ourselves but it was clear to the entire management team we needed to establish eSurface KK. We are fortunate to be working with the best people in the region and having Patricia at the helm provides us with a tremendous advantage given her more than 20 years of fostering senior relationships in Japan.”

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