FF85 CT computed tomography inspection system features dual x-ray tube configuration and precision granite manipulator providing up to 7 axes. Comes with open microfocus tube with up to 225kV as well as a minifocus tube with up to 450kV and a choice of flat panel detectors. For testing small and large parts as well as materials of varying densities. Runs on Geminy software platform, offering intuitive smart-touch operation, remote monitoring, push notifications, and multiple user profiles, making it possible to operate the system without technical expertise. ScanExtend feature permits horizontal measuring circle extension and is for scanning larger components or maximizing magnification on smaller components. The scan is carried out through one continuous rotation of the test piece and is immediately reconstructed without artifacts. This feature saves a lot of time when compared to the more commonly used “stitching” algorithms. Features like virtual rotation axis and HeliExtend (Helical CT) increase applicability, quality of tests, and user efficiency. The latest element, HeliExtend Dual (helical CT with horizontal measuring circle extension), takes advantage of trajectories and maximizes test space.


Yxlon FF85CT web


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