Supreme 121AO is a NASA low outgassing approved epoxy suitable for bonding, sealing and potting.

Features a glass transition temperature of 200°-210°C; resists temperatures up to 550°F. Is not as stiff as conventional epoxies that withstand extreme temperatures. Tensile modulus is 750,000 to 850,000psi at room temperature and compressive strength is 26,000 to 28,000psi. Thermal conductivity is 4-5 BTU•in/(ft2•hr•°F). Electrically nonconductive. Shrinkage upon cure is low. Resists many chemicals, including water, oils, fuels, acids and bases. Supreme 121AO may be used in aerospace, electronic, opto-electronic and OEM applications. Is a two-part epoxy with a mix ratio of 100:80 by weight. The viscosity of the mixed compound is 10,000-25,000cps, making it readily pourable for potting and casting. Working life after mixing of 2-3 days, for a 100g batch.

Master Bond

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