ASM ProcessExpert consists of ASM ProcessLens 5-D SPI system and ASM ProcessEngine software.

Measures solder paste deposits and controls and optimizes printing process autonomously while learning with each print cycle. Determines matching print parameters and runs virtual prints to check whether and with which parameters a stable printing process can be ensured for a particular stencil design. ASM ProcessLens 5-D solder paste inspection system can be run as classic SPI system before upgrading to ProcessExpert with ASM ProcessEngine software. Employs moiré fringe pattern method. Stripe patterns for optical measurement are not generated with rigid piezo grids, but digitally and flexibly with processor chip that holds over eight million micro-mirrors. By changing mirror settings, additional pictures can be taken. Can operate with measurement area up to 1000µm without compromising height resolution. X/Y positioning accuracy is 12.5µm. Features multiple light sources for shadow-free measurements. ASM ProcessLens can operate in dual-conveyor mode. Combines 2-D and 3-D measurements and compensates PCB warpage. ASM ProcessEngine real-time software stores all SPI measurements and learns from each print cycle. ASM ProcessExpert analyzes printing results in real time, determines corrective measures, and transmits these to stencil printer. DFM HealthCheck function makes it possible to load and analyze Gerber data of stencils before they are used on production line.

ASM Pacific Technology Group


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