ATLANTA – The ECIA board of directors and council leaders assigned the Global Industry Practices Committee to anticipate the untangling of inventory issues inflicted through the tariffs by identifying a checklist of areas and issues for consideration when tariffs are removed.

Since the implementation of the China Tariff List 301 in July 2018, the electronic components authorized channel partners have been dealing with the unexpected challenges of implementing methods to manage and process the exchange of tariff information, says ECIA. When the transition begins to remove tariffs, manufacturers and distributors will need to work together to solve the issues created by the tariff process.

The GIPC document represents what manufacturers and distributors identify as areas for consideration when tariffs are removed: what tariffs have been paid, by whom and when, what portion of the tariff is applicable and what portion is not. This document does not represent a collective effort to require manufacturers or distributors to act on any item within the checklists.

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