San Luis Potosí, México - Conecsus LLC announces the opening of a new Wastewater Treatment operation in Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí (SLP), México. The new Conecsus de Mexico S.A. de C.V. is an industrial wastewater treatment plant that applies the latest and best technology and physicochemical treatment methodology available to its processes for the purification of residual industrial wastewater. The plant is housed in a modern industrial park, Logistik II, where it is
neighbors with manufacturing companies including BMW, San Luis Metal Forming, Loreal, and others.

In making the announcement, Gilberto Cifuentes, Operations Director, said, “We have all the required authorizations to operate, and have state-of-the-art equipment for the collection and transportation of water to our plant. We offer our clients the confidence that their water will be treated safely and with the  best available technology, as well as the traceability and logistics systems necessary for the proper management of effluents and to meet the individual, specialized needs of each and every client.”

Cifuentes adds that “Although the wastewater we treat is currently non-hazardous, by August 2019 we will have our hazard permit, thereby offering different choices to our clients managing the residual water as hazard, non-hazard and even as a third option as a residual water being treated not as a waste but as a resource to be decontaminated.” He adds, “Also, we are innovating with technologies including advanced oxidation processes and different distillation methods to fulfil not only legal requirements but to meet even the highest national and international standards.”

Conecsus de Mexico S.A. de C.V. exceeds applicable government standards for wastewater treatment and handling and health and safety compliance.  In addition, the company has developed specialized software tools for traceability and monitoring of their clients’ wastewater treatment process from pickup to discharge to the drain, ensuring complete ‘cradle to grave’ traceability to comply with existing legislation and also to meet any corporate requirements. “This gives us the opportunity to improve the indicators (KPIs) that are necessary for each client. This enables future usage of these treated waters for irrigating ‘green’ areas, for example, thereby completing a cycle that is environmentally friendly.”

Management and Staff includes Steven Butler, General Director; Gilberto Cifuentes, Operations Director; and Manuel Tapia, Commercial Manager. The address is Circuito Bruselas No. 59, Parque Logistik II, Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí, México, 79526. Tel. +52 444-604-9339; E-Mail:

About Conecsus

Founded in 1980, Conecsus, LLC is a sophisticated ‘green’ recycler and refiner of SMT solder/solder paste wastes and residues, as well as Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper from a variety of manufacturing industries. Located in Terrell, Texas, USA, Conecsus converts these wastes into usable metal products. Conecsus’ mission is to provide innovative and high-quality industrial byproducts management, metal recovery, and recycling options that provide world-class value and service to our customers, and display respect and stewardship toward the environment. For more information, visit

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