Loctite Ablestik ABP 8068T die attach materials facilitate package-level sintering and address regulatory challenges of high-lead solders, thermal conductivity drawbacks of conventional die attach pastes, and processability shortcomings of traditional sintering products.

Include high thermal, semi-sintering die attach pastes. Provide a Pb-free alternative for die attach within high power density semiconductor packages. Can be implemented using standard processes without need for high pressure and temperature. Establish excellent contact with interface for void-free bond lines. Are drop-in replacement for standard die attach applications, can be cured with nitrogen or air and have robust adhesion on variety of surface finishes, including silver, copper, nickel-palladium-gold and gold. Have applicability on die sizes up to 5mm x 5mm; excellent thermal performance with bulk thermal conductivity up to 110W/m-K and low in-package resistance of about 0.5K/W for silver, copper and nickel-palladium-gold lead frames. Broad workability includes consistent dispensing up to 24 continuous hr., open time of 2 hr., and stage time of as long as 4 hr.


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