VP-9000 3D-SPI system is used in printed circuit board manufacturing process for production of electric devices.

Detects and relays data to printer. Multiple inspection switch has three resolutions (for example, 15µm/7.5µm/5µm) to enable detailed and high-speed inspection of various PCB characteristics. The 19" touch panel and angle adjustment function of GUI accommodate all perspectives; graphic interface allows for intuitive operation. GUI offers sharp statistical analysis. Statistical process control station provides necessary data for process control and traceability. Can complete loop 3-D inspection with opportunity to correct excesses of screen printing process. Features include 3-D measurement combined with 2-D system; automatic warpage compensation; programming in 3 min.; touch screen panel; choice of resolutions; inspection capacity up to 8900mm²/s; M2M closed-loop function up- and downstream.

VP9000L CE 02



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