Test and Inspection

Inline ICT is not as cumbersome as it used to be, and in the longer run, will help manufacturers save costs.

The idea of operating in-circuit test as part of the surface mount technology line is not new. Options available to volume manufacturers include modifying ICT systems with bridge handlers to receive printed circuit board assemblies from the input line to the tester. Others link test units to increase throughput.

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Variables include the number of outputs tested at one time and spikes in output.

Conventional automotive electrical test methods only test each output from the electronics one by one and sequentially. This leaves a gap in the test coverage where faults, or outliers that occur simultaneously due to unexpected outputs from the electronics, are not tested or checked.

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Boundary scan is the present and the future. Are you ready?

Boundary scan has been widely adopted to maintain test coverage and board quality.

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How to capture color values and light intensity.

The world of light-emitting diodes has seen a plethora of new applications in various devices, with vast improvements in energy efficiency, a wide range of color, longer lifecycles and so on.

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Perhaps to our columnist’s surprise, Mexico and Brazil are ahead of some Asian nations.

Having covered the Asian test and inspection markets for over a decade, I recently made my maiden voyage to Latin America to visit in-circuit test customers for a series of users group meetings.

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